Symantec Gov Symposium

Track B

Cyber Reboot
Salon M
If we could wipe the slate clean – hit CTRL, ALT, DELETE – how would we reimagine the Federal IT environment? How would we consolidate for greater efficiency on an enterprise scale and rethink training? And, importantly, how would we build our integrated cyber defense, if we could start on a blank page? This session will include:
  • A no-holds-barred brainstorm on cyber security consolidation, integration, and risk management
  • Discussion on building an integrated platform approach to cyber
  • Ideas for enabling AI and automation, and ensuring that all toolsets work together


Aubrey Merchant-Dest [moderator]
Federal Chief Technology Officer
Director, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center
Department of Homeland Security
Director, Cyberspace Innovation
U.S. Air Force
Info-Centric Security
Salon M
With the shift from perimeter to info-centric security, agencies are focused on putting appropriate protection around their data, regardless of where it resides and travels. But this requires a solid understanding of your content assets (What are they? Where do they live? And how important are they?) and your users (Who are they? And what do they/should they have access to?). This session will cover:
  • How critical data classification is to building an effective security platform
  • Tips for identifying high-value assets for priority protection
  • Best practices for defining user profiles, authenticating users, leveraging behavioral analytics, and detecting/preventing insider threats
  • The latest in data loss prevention technology


Todd Vancil [moderator]
Vice President, Americas Systems Engineering
Director, Insider Threat Program
National Archives and Records Administration
Director, Cyber Security Division
Office of the Chief Information Officer
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Chief Information Security Officer
Office of Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer
U.S. Air Force
Manager – Solutions Practice
Acting Chief Information Officer
Department of Commerce