Symantec Gov Symposium

Track A

Trust Nothing: Implementing Zero Trust
Salons N - P
The castle and moat perimeter approach no longer works in today’s zero-trust world, where agencies must enforce new – and better – security protocols on data and users, regardless of where they are and the device they’re using. This session will explore the shift to zero-trust and the role it plays in reducing the attack surface, streamlining operations, and improving security in modern cloud-based environments where the traditional perimeter has dissolved. We’ll also discuss:
  • How agencies can use stringent authentication and identify verification to place protections around data, high-value assets, and the user
  • Lessons learned from new TIC 3.0 pilot programs and the challenges of direct-to-net connectivity
  • The role of emerging tools including endpoint detection response and software-defined perimeter


Bradon Rogers [moderator]
Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales Engineering and Product Marketing
Chief Information Security Officer and Deputy Chief Privacy Officer
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Director of Cybersecurity & Data Protection
Government Accountability Office
Acting Deputy Chief Information Officer for Cybersecurity
Department of Defense
Cyxtera Federal Group
Chief Information Security Officer
U.S. House of Representatives
Cyber Consolidation: Simplifying the Complex
Salons N - P
Consolidation of cyber tools, services, governance – and even funding – is critical to addressing the complexity of today’s patchwork cyber security environment. As the wider government enterprise moves toward a more integrated approach to cyber defense, the focus is on shared services, smarter spending, increased interoperability, and iterative tactics to consolidate complex environments. Join this session to discuss:
  • The role of security – and SOC-as-a-service – in modernization planning
  • Consolidation and a planned platform approach
  • Enabling AI & automation with interoperable tool sets
  • Maximizing capabilities while minimizing dollars


Sheila Jordan [moderator]
SVP & Chief Information Officer
Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration
Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist
Center for Internet Security
Deputy Chief Information Officer
Department of Agriculture