Symantec Gov Symposium

Ballot Check – Securing Election Systems Beyond the Perimeter

Ledroit Park


Recent elections at all levels of government have raised eyebrows on whether voting systems have been compromised by adversaries. With mid-term elections around the corner and 2020 not too far behind, how are state, local, and Federal officials working together to shore up their defenses? Join this virtual and in person session to hear from state and local officials and Information Sharing and Analysis Center leaders as we discuss:

  • The funds and security measures states are using to secure voting systems
  • How the shift to cloud and IoT expands the threat landscape
  • How state CIOs and CISOs are supporting state election officials

To reserve your seat in this session at the Symposium, please check the “Reserve a seat for the Ballot Check- Securing Election Systems session at 11:30 a.m.” box at the bottom of the registration page. Can’t attend in person? Register for the live webcast.

Session Speakers

Ben Spear [moderator]
Elections Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center
U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC)
Director, Policy & Government Affairs
Chief Information Security Officer
Maricopa County