Symantec Gov Symposium

Critical Infrastructure Redefined – Connected Infrastructure, Connected Security

Independence Ballroom


Intelligent, integrated cyber platforms are changing the way we look at protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure systems (CI). In today’s connected world, there are millions of new access points for attackers to compromise – from sensors tracking dam water levels, crop yields, and nuclear power cooling systems, to biomedical devices, rail and air traffic schedules, and even our vehicles. Join this vital conversation as we discuss:

  • The CI backdoors that hackers can access to compromise Federal or private networks that deliver necessary resources
  • The cyber impact of today’s connected-everything world on key transportation, energy, or healthcare infrastructures
  • How we are redefining security for our nation’s critical assets

Session Speakers

Kunal Agarwal [moderator]
General Manager, Internet of Things
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer
Director, National Risk Management Center, National Protection and Programs Directorate
Department of Homeland Security
Technical Director