Bryan Coapstick

Regional Mobility Leader,


Bryan Coapstick is the Regional Mobility Leader for HP. In this role, he is responsible for driving strategic mobility initiatives, key industry partnerships and relationships to enable clients to leverage the mobile channel to both extend their brands and more effectively reach their customers, constituents, partners, and employees. Bryan is an active participant in various industry advisory councils to help government and industry exchange information and collaborate on technology issues.

Bryan Coapstick has almost two decades of experience in both public and private sector in a variety of senior roles that focused on emerging technologies and intersections of business strategy and technology. He has worked with several Fortune 200 companies to extend their brands, systems, and presence to effectively leverage the mobile channel. Bryan is a frequent speaker, panellist, and blogger on the ways mobile innovations and social media are changing our lives.

Previously, he built the an interactive digital team at a large firm and worked with and guided digital mobile strategies within several of the world’s most recognizable and enduring brands in the world. In this role, he built and lead an Innovation Lab focused on accelerating the firm’s and their clients’ application and integration of new digital interaction models and channels. The lab focused primarily on exploration and demonstration of immersive experiences on multi-screen ecosystems, transformative digital interaction and business models, convergence of big data analytics with context aware applications, and emerging mobile payments and transaction capabilities.


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